In the AMAZON STUDIO TRENDZ, LLC control panel you’ll see an easy–to–use site builder that you can leverage to construct a new, stylish website all by yourself. It’s really simple to follow, even if you are not technologically versed. The tool features a variety of website templates available in a number of color set–ups that you could edit up to your preference. And to top it all off, your website will look excellent on phones, tablets and desktops!

The site builder is present with all website hosting, Linux VPS web hosting, Linux semi-dedicated services, and dedicated hosting services plans which utilize the AMAZON STUDIO TRENDZ, LLC Web Hosting Control Panel.

A handy site builder

No programming background is necessary

The key highlight of the AMAZON STUDIO TRENDZ, LLC’s site builder is that it is truly easy to use and master. It works with layout elements which you can add, customize and move around as you like. If you want, you are able to add photos and videos, set up a diary, or get a discussion board on your site, all with a click of the mouse.

You can do all that and generate a super cool site without ever needing to pen even a single line of HTML or CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy–to–redesign templates

Cool website themes that look superb on phones, tablets and desktops

To generate an eye–pleasing website, you need a reliable foundation. For this reason, the AMAZON STUDIO TRENDZ, LLC’s site builder has a decent library of one of a kind website themes, fit for any kind of site – personal pages, e–commerce stores, forums, and so on.

Each site theme is simple to personalize, with multiple designs, different color setups and inbuilt support for well over 100 different web fonts. And you can change every one of these options with a click of the mouse. And best of all, if at any time you have the desire to change your template and select a new one, all tweaks you’ve completed will be moved over instantly.

A variety of easy–to–redesign templates

Integrated help desk and step–by–step video tutorials

Learn how straightforward it actually is to kickstart a website

In case you need any type of assistance employing the AMAZON STUDIO TRENDZ, LLC’s site builder, there are lots of step–by–step articles and video tutorials that are influenced by the most commonly asked questions.

Using them, you can learn how to tweak your existing website theme, how to add new pages to a website or perhaps how to add a blog.

In case you are unable to discover the information you need there, you can always make contact with us. We’re online 24/7 and we reply to all support cases in less than an hour, guaranteed.

Video Tutorials